Welcome to Life-Shifting Transformation

Hi, I'm Tanya

I'm a catalyst for change.  I help people create real change in their life when they need it most... right now.


I teach grounded spirituality, offer practical wisdom, and infuse all my work with sincere enthusiasm to make your life better in any way I can.


When you work with me you'll learn how to shift your unconscious junk out of the way so you can shape your life into exactly what you want it to be!


I'm Loving Life... isn't it time you did too?

"Tanya has helped me come out of a dark place and into my power!"

"It was the turning point for me to let go of the pain."

"She helped me take a critical look at my choices and break through barriers that had held me back."

Are you ready to transform your life?


When you work with me you'll...

  • Get to the heart of the issue
  • Rid yourself of what's holding you back
  • Hear your own inner-voice again
  • Get specific tools to move forward with
  • Create meaningful change that lasts

Ready to start feeling Happier?


And if you still have questions, ask me!


Tanya Arler is about real change, right now.  Her unique techniques create deep shifts and a-ha moments that will help you shape your life into exactly what you want it to be.  She listens deeply, responds authentically and guides you whole-heartedly.

Come on... make the change!