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Birthday Messages

Each year brings new discoveries and evolution.  Your soul sets out it's intention on your Birthday of what the coming year will bring.  In this 20 minute session I will enlighten you as to what lessons you can expect and how your heart wants you to deal with them.  This session offers messages that will support throughout your birthday year.


*  This reading can be done anytime during the year.  The insight you'll get at any given time will address the remaining part of your year.


20 euros

Next Step Coaching

During this 1 to 1, 60 minute Skype session, I will tap into your truest, highest-self to uncover what's standing in the way of where you are now, to get you where you want to be.  I will guide you to realisations that result in lasting change in your life.  If you are banging your head against the wall and just want to understand and equip yourself with the tools to take your next step, this is the place to be!

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199 euros

Art Therapy Sessions

Intuitive art is a way to set your thinking aside to allow your intuition to speak.  These session are a joint partnership comprised of your coloring, a 60 minute Skype session and 1-week of email exchanges.  

You create what's in your heart which allows me to give your intuition a voice.  You gain new perspective and 'hear your heart speak'.  My interpretations of your work will reveal deep limiting beliefs and blocks.  Metaphorically changing your picture will result in powerful energetic shifts and meaningful changes in your life. 

By releasing control and letting your heart tell its story, you'll discover how to bring purpose and change into any area of your life.

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299 euros


The Depths of your Soul

This package offers 3 Next Step Coaching sessions valid for 1 year.  These can be used to go to the depths of a particular area of your life or to get insights and an overview of different aspects of your world.  During the 20 minute intake session we can talk agree on a personalised approach.

450 euros


This package offers 3 Art Therapy  sessions or 2 Intuitive Art sessions and 1  Next Step Coaching session valid for 1 year.  With this combination we can tackle any aspect of your life and uncover your blocks, equip you with a toolbox, and give you direction and clarity to move forward.  If you prefer to spread it out over a year, we can realign and examen different facets based on your life's story.


750 euros

Transition & Transcend

Walk with me for 12 weeks.  This package offers unlimited access to all the tricks in my toolbox.  A combination of Art Therapy sessions and Heart & Soul Coaching sessions.  Walk hand in hand with me to get to the depth and rediscover your authentic self.

3000 euros


Speaking and Classes

Do you need a  Speaker or Facilitator?  You've come to the right place!  I offer content-packed Inspirational Talks, Classes & Workshops designed to engage participants and deliver the message!   The central theme?  Lovin' Life!  

I motivate and inspire using  a relatable style, because I LOVE connecting with my audience on a personal level.  I believe in authenticity if contagious enthusiasm is what you want, I have it in spades.  I  entertain audiences  using wit and humour whilst never losing sight of the message to be delivered with heartfelt meaning.


I offer a variety of Intuitive Art workshops, am a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, developed an Inspiring Talk on Expat Living and can tailor speaking gigs to themes that encourage authentic change and loving life!

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Tanya Arler is about real change, right now.  Her unique techniques create deep shifts and a-ha moments that will help you shape your life into exactly what you want it to be.  She listens deeply, responds authentically and guides you whole-heartedly.