Art Therapy

set your thinking aside

In Art Therapy you let your adult need for perfection go and create without thinking or planning,

just like when you were young.

 You grab some pencils, clay, paint or scissor, set an intention or theme to your project, and just like a kid... dive in!  

No major reflection involved and there's no right or wrong.  You simply enjoy the process of being creative

and leave the interpretation to me!

How it Works

  • You set your intention or theme
  • You get an email from me with instructions
  • You gather your supplies
  • Think about your intention for a momemt or two
  • and DIVE IN, as if you were a child again !
  • Send me a pic
  • We talk it through
  • You discover OODLES and realise what needs to be shifted
  • You go back and re-shape your project to suit your life's intentions
  • BOOM!  You feel the shift, the weight is lifted and you've re-created your future
  • You get a final summary from me with your power words from your heart! 

and woo hoo, you're Lovin' Life!

I was surprised to see how some of my hidden fears and uncertainties showed up in my drawing, and with Tanya's guidance I was able to clarify my vision and clear out the fears that were holding me back.

The twist is that through the creation you make, you'll discover some of your deepest sub-conscious beliefs and blocks.


Not only that...

you can shift those blocks and release your baggage simply by transforming your 'picture' right then and there.


I give your heart a voice to speak to you with.

I interpret your creations and guide you through the process.

And when you can really hear yourself, you create meaningful change that lasts.



Key Outcomes

  • Clear insights into your current conundrum
  • In-depth understanding of how it all fits together
  • Solid guidance to change or get yourself out of the situation
  • Ownership of the solutions as you participate in the process
  • Practical  tools and tricks to move you in the direction you choose
  • A 'go to' phrase to help you move forward successfully and effortlessly.

No artistic ability required !

"I love everything about working with Tanya: The process itself is so enjoyable and knowing that this is creativity that creates change is a double-win! Tanya's ability to interpret even my most obscure drawing is endlessly fascinating and always insightful..."

Use Art Therapy to

  • Ask yourself questions and get your own answers
  • Get spot-on insights into any area of your life
  • Uncover the stuff that is standing in your way
  • Lighten the load to give you space to change
  • See yourself and your situation more clearly
  • Create lasting changes to move forward

How I can help

  • Interpreting your creations
  • Identifying the true nature  of your story
  • Hearing your inner-voice
  • Shedding light on what is feeding your uncertainty
  • Pin-pointing the deepest source of your obstacles
  • Assembling a toolbox to make meaningful change in your life

I can hear your heart's story

Work with me !

Meaningful Change

1 project

In one session we will work through a single theme, going to your source to create change that will be tangible and meaningful in your life.

  • An initial exchange to set your intention
  • Tailored instructions to address your needs
  • a Skype reading to interpret your creation and guide your through your shift
  • A recording of your Skype session
  • A written summary of the process and conclusion
  • A power phrase to support you moving forward


3 projects

3 sessions can be used to go indepth on a single intention to create true transformation, or can be spread out over several themes.

  • 3 tailor designed projects
  • 3 Skype sessions guiding you to transformation
  • recordings for the 1:1 sessions
  • a summary of each project and final conclusion to release and create closure
  • Access to all the tools available in my tool box
  • power phrases adapted to your personal  needs
  • Projects can be spread out over the course of 1 year.

Transition & Transcend

Walk with me for 12 weeks

Unlimited access to all the tricks in my toolbox.  A combination of Intuitive Art sessions with Intensive 1:1's.  Walk hand in hand with me to get to the depth of your authentic self.

  • An intensive 3 months to go to your depth, moving to the authentic version of yourself
  • A 30 minute introductory Skype session to identify the true intention of your journey and set goals
  • A tailor made program responding to the shifts and progress on our journey
  • 12 sessions (1/week) with me on Skype to discuss the art, create shifts and inspire progress
  • A combination of Intuitive Art and Intensive 1:1's, based on your dedication to transformation.
  • Unlimited email access for the duration.
  • Recordings of the Skype sessions
  • Written summaries and power phrases for each project
  • Supplementary tools and guidance to facilitate your shift.
  • A final written summary to help you step forward and stay the course

Tanya Arler is about real change, right now. Her unique techniques create deep shifts and a-ha moments that will help you shape your life into exactly what you want it to be.  She listens deeply, responds authentically and guides you whole-heartedly.

Tanya Arler is about real change, right now.  Her unique techniques create deep shifts and a-ha moments that will help you shape your life into exactly what you want it to be.  She listens deeply, responds authentically and guides you whole-heartedly.